In the academic year 2022/2023 students at the University of Ljubljana (also Erasmus students) can again choose our extracurricular activity Amnesty Academy Human Rights in Practice.

The extracurricular activity will take place at the Faculty of Social Sciences, however all students at the University of Ljubljana can participate. The extracurricular activity is valued at 4 credit points.

Those interested in our extracurricular activity please select it when enrolling in the new academic year. If you have any questions or problems regarding registration, please contact the department at your faculty or the department of the Faculty of Social Sciences or you can also contact us (

Topics covered: from protests to consent in sexuality

As part of our extracurricular activities, we focus on current human rights issues through presentations, discussions, and independent work. We will invite interesting guests who will share their stories with us.

  • Erased
  • Roma
  • Protests
  • Yes means yes
  • Intersex
  • Strategic campaigns
  • Environment: The city of Anhovo
  • Digital giants and human rights: Meta, Myanmar, Google, DSA
  • Amnesty International researcher
  • Israeli apartheid over the Palestinians: a cruel system of supremacy and a crime against humanity…

The extracurricular activity consists of 30 hours of exercises carried out by a team of Slovenian Amnesty employees with guests, and 90 hours of practical work. Activities are held in Slovenian, and separately (for foreign students) in English.

“I really liked the extracurricular activity Amnesty Academy. All the lecturers are ready to help, the topics are interesting and varied, and I especially liked the interesting guests.”
The words of one of the students who attended our extracurricular activity last year.

Join us and help us make world a better place.